I'm Jun Wei (Luke), a student who's interested in physics and mathematics.

I take part in many of the high school science competitions, such as the International Science Olympiads, as well as their national versions, have a look at the full list in the achievements tab

I am currently studying mathematical physics at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Here you can see my CV. I attach two different CVs here. One was written after I graduated high school, and contains my achievements therein, but may not be relevant for your purposes. I also attach a current, updated CV with all high school achievements removed.

High School CV

Current CV

My high school transcript is also available here, with personal information redacted



Ich bedanke mich für Ihr Interesse. Leider gibt es derzeit keine deutsche Lebenslauf oder Website. Sie können auf jeden Fall Kontakt aufnehmen.